Fly Control For Goats by Useful Farm Products Fly Control For Goats by Useful Farm Products Fly Control For Goats by Useful Farm Products

Goat Fly
Guaranteed Live
Fly Parasites are silent but deadly to flies.
Harmless to anything but flies
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Electronic Fly Zappers
Have a safe
summer without
the flies!!!

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About Useful Farm Products

We lived on a farm in Michigan and started Useful Farm Products in 1984. Our policy was to only sell farm products we found useful on our farm. Our animals included llamas, alpacas, horses, goats, beef cattle, miniature donkeys, miniature horses and yaks plus our 8 dogs. Often over 150 animals in total. We absolutely hate flies but found a way to control them by using the three products we now sell. Fly parasites were the main factor supplemented with Cedar Fly traps on the outside and electronic fly zappers in the barns. Our farm had great facilities and we hosted many events and clinics as well as veterinary procedures like llama C-sections. People who visited us would often comment: “where are the flies?”, “how do you keep the flies down so much?”, “you need to sell what you are using!”. So we did. We also liked these products because they are totally safe. No chemicals, no poisons and that is good for all animals! The Cedar Traps really help compliment the fly parasites and we did use one other product that we certainly recommend: the old fashion fly tapes. And all are good for organic farms as well.